Red Barron Enterprises, LLC

About Red Barron Enterprises, LLC

Red Barron Enterprises, LLC is a corporation focused on serving its customers, first and foremost. We have found that when customers approach us they are often unaware of what solutions are available for their specific problems. They often have only a remote concept or idea of what it is they are looking for.

We formed Red Barron Enterprises LLC to extend to customers our experience, know-how, and open-mindedness to quickly leverage our extensive networks for their benefit.

We have chosen to represent only the finest Principles in their respective fields. To qualify, they must be at the top of their industry with regard to capability, quality, customer experience, delivery, capacity, financial well-being, and costing. They also must have clear competitive advantages over their peers.

Red Barron Enterprises currently is contracted with the following principles:

Fabrico, a division of EIS (formerly LightFab Inc.):
An automotive and medically certified converter, diecutter, slitter, laminator, assembler, of adhesive tapes, woven and non-woven felts, foams, fabrics, plastic films, foils, rubbers, papers, and other rollstock and sheet materials, Fabrico is a division of EIS, which is a division of General Parts Company. Ever heard of NAPA Auto Parts? They are now a sister company to EIS and Fabrico.

Diversified Converting Technologies (DCT):
A specialist in distribution, inventory management, contract packaging, kit building, sorting, and warehousing of production and non-production (MRO) items, Colorado based DCT is minority owned and unlike many of its peers, is financially stable and well managed. It has several wholesale distribution arrangements with large conglomerates.

Arbor Plastic Technologies:
APT develops and supplies additives used in plastics. Its primary line is flame retardants that are without bromine, chlorine, etc. (halogens). These non-halogenated flame retardants (NHFRs) are exceptionally more effective than their peers in certain applications. World authorities, including the EPA, are banning halogen based FR systems. APT has already established a foothold in this exciting, growing field.

Red Barron Enterprises is currently in negotiations with other prospective principles as well and we will announce them to our customer base as they are approved worthy of Red Barron representation.